Monday, December 7, 2015


Hello Everyone

And welcome to my blog! My name is nemderogatorius, and I'm a methematician (R.I.P. word joke (for those who are interested what's going on, good luck to the hungarian version ^_^ )).
Some of you may know me by the name Candle Flame or as Gyn. I prefer nemderogatorius here, but I'll understand if you call me by the other two.

I'm a big fan of a bunch of useful and useless things, moreover, I love to talk about them. That's the main reason why I've finally decided to release this blog, what's more, in two languages: in hungarian and in english! Do not expect everything to be translated to both languages, although, there will be a cuple of such posts, like this one right away.
I'd like to clarify that I don't seek fame. I just want to give something to you guys, because I know how much I have others to thank for. That's all.

Rainbow Dash: That was really sappy

In recent years, I've got a lot of creative impulses from several directions. I want to recommend you only this one blog. I'm grateful to James Corck for those memorable, ever-engaging reviews.

Back to the subject, you can read about all kinds of topics here which I'm interested in. Expect My Little Pony related things for the most part. Unfortunately, I'm always in lack of free time, so don't expect too much too soon, but I promise I will do everything I can :)

Please feel free to comment, I'd love reading your opinions and ideas. To tell the truth, I was never a very social kind of person, so I am a little bit nervous, but please, don't hold back just because of that. Be moderate with critics though, carrying things too far is never healthy :)

Nah, I think, I'm already carrying this introduction too far. Next time I'd like to cheer you up with some cool MLP stuff, that I actually haven't decided on yet, but on the hungarian side of the blog, I'm going to post a pretty long review about Sweetie Bot stories. I hope you will enjoy both. Until then, have a good time,

Oh, and check out my Youtube channel! You can find awesome brony music reuploads and playlists there.


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